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Digital Marketing Consultant In Blackburn

Sales Consultancy

Having a well thought out sales plan is critical to winning business. Successful selling has a lot to do with what you believe your values and your attitude to selling. It’s important to understand that what we believe affects our behaviours and our behaviours then affect our results. So a good question to ask is, ‘How are your sales beliefs affecting your sales performance?

As an expert Digital Marketing Consultant based in Blackburn. I work closely with your company to help you get maximum results from your sales team. Great sales people are pro-active, set goals and track their performance. The key to continued success is to break goals down into daily, weekly and monthly tasks.

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Strategic Marketing

The most successful businesses have one thing in common – a well thought out marketing plan with clear goals. As a strategic marketing consultant and coach based in the heart of Lancashire.  I am well placed to provide strategic marketing advice to businesses in the North West of England.

Producing a good marketing strategy means understanding your current situation and where you want the business to be by a particular date. Marketing research provides the background into how your organisation and its products are perceived by your prospects, customers and competitors.

Once we have clarity of where you want to go, a marketing plan is needed to strategically meet those outcomes. In my work as a marketing consultant we work together to establish your marketing strategy and actions needed to get you where you want to be.

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Public Relations

Public Relations is a marketing communications approach that’s a great way of promoting your company. PR is all about opening up communication and getting prospects to talk about your business in a positive way. My PR colleagues work alongside me to provide a connected communications approach that will add value to the marketing of your business.

Strategic public communications plays a key role in helping you promote your business based in Blackburn. Delivering a consistent message with regular media visibility, testimonials and reviews can really help to turn prospects into customers and improve the visibility of your brand.

As a Lancashire based Digital Marketing Consultant, I can help you to promote your business and raise your company profile.

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Digital Marketing

As a digital marketing consultant based in Blackburn. I know internet marketing is absolutely necessary to take advantage of the expanding opportunities from the online world, yet many companies don’t have a digital marketing strategy.

A thought out online marketing strategy will help you take the correct decisions to make a business successful on the internet. The digital strategy should check that your company has thought through all of the digital touch points. The key to results in digital marketing is a good content marketing strategy, and the key is to focus on making the very best impact at each touch point that your customers experiences your brand.

Each time a prospect does a Google search, enters your website, follows you on social media, or reads a news article is an opportunity for your business to jump out and communicate why your great brilliant and different.

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A logo identity is not a brand; it’s a directional sign to the experience a brand presents. Together with the brand particulars – the name, its colour, positioning, and font – the logo identity try’s to position the brand.

As a brand development consultant based in Blackburn, I can help you to produce a successful brand that sticks in the minds of your customers and prospects.

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Graphic Design

My creative colleagues work with our marketing strategy to produce graphic imagery that visually sells the benefits of your business. I offer a quality graphic design service that produces marketing literature which legitimises the professionalism of your organisation.

As an experienced graphic design consultant based in Blackburn, I can create your logo, leaflet, report, brochure, packaging, newsletter, or signage. For those who want to take their designs even further, my associates have skills to create imagery for use online in digital marketing campaigns, or even 3dimensional photo realistic artwork and animations.

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Web Design & Development

Does your business communicate effectively online? More than ever, everything in web design and development, from the appearance to how the site gets business must be designed to appeal to your target market. Website users make immediate judgments about the quality of your website in seconds.

For businesses committed to developing their online strategy it’s absolutely crucial that their website is designed to work effectively on mobile, desktop and tablet. The internet industry calls this responsive website design. Good responsive design is critical in order to make the right impact and turn a prospect to a customer.

As a web consultant I offer a full range of web related services from domain management, internet functionality, and hosting and I can market your website through digital marketing tactics such as search engine optimisation, pay per click, social media and email marketing.

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Mobile App Development

As a Digital Marketing Consultant based in Blackburn. I work with you to create mobile apps for a variety of devices on both Android and Apple. The important thing is to define the benefits of the mobile app. From there my associates use platforms to develop a mobile pilot. The front end approach plans for interface design, synchronisation & caching of app data. The back end process is designed to record and manage users and data integration.

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Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation tries to achieve the best ranking position in the natural listings of the search engine results pages for specific keywords entered into a search engine, such as Bing or Google by a web user.

59% of searches are natural and 11% are paid advertising. As an SEO consultant based in Lancashire I believe being committed to a SEO strategy is critical. Google remains the dominant party, circa 69% of global searches are made using Google.

I take time to understand all data and you should know that click rates increase the further you are up SERP’s page. In position one on page one you are three times more likely to get clicked on than if you are in position three on page one!

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Although some search engine users prefer to click on the organic results, some people click on the paid advert listings. Pay per click or PPC is the language used for businesses that have paid to be at the top of the search engine result pages for relevant key phrases.

Many users are not aware that the top few places in the search engine results page are often advertisements. Google has cleverly been able to make the adverts fit easily into the results.

PPC has become more popular in recent years as organic search engine optimisation has become more complicated to get results. PPC has one big advantage over SEO in that rather you can pay to try to be placed at the top of page 1 of Google.

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Social Media

Ever business should have a strategy for social media. It’s vital to have a plan that understands your customers and helps them to connect with your business on the platform or places that they visit regularly. As a Digital Marketing Consultant based in Lancashire I can help you with this.

Facebook still leads the pack but Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn all have their place. On top of that Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp have millions of customers. Facebook’s domination is interesting, not only does it dominate but its other platforms also take second and third respectively.

Facebook Messenger has an impressive circa forty five per cent penetration, and Instagram has circa 25% for user engagement.

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Photography & Video Production

My skill set provides industry experience in the shooting of photography and video for lifestyle, fashion and corporate brands who are located in Lancashire. My account management experience can assist you in organising everything you need for a photographic or video shoot.

With years of experience you can feel comforted that everything will run smoothly. If your business needs artistically directing and your require; actors, models, stylists, make-up artists, photographers or even equipment hire.

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So, if you are looking for a digital marketing consultant to help you, and your business is located in the following Lancashire areas: Blackpool, Blackburn, Burnley, Chorley, Lancaster, Ormskirk and Preston.
Please call: +44 (0)7966 396 306 or email: simon@marketingconsultantlancashire.co.uk

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