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It makes sense for every business to have a sound social media strategy. It’s important to have a strategy that understands your users and helps them to engage with your business on the platform or places that they are spending time.

Social media is growing exponentially. The number of social media users are thought to be in excess of 2.5 billion and this is estimated to be growing by 10% year on year. Nearly 50% are using social media channels to consider making a purchase based on what they have seen on social platforms, including reviews and endorsements. Marketing managers have limited time for social media marketing, so which social platform should you focus on? The answer is to clearly know which social media channel your target audience hangs out in.

Facebook still dominates but Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter all have their place. In addition to that Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp have millions of users. Facebook’s domination is noteworthy, not only does it take the lead, it’s other platforms also take second and third respectively. Facebook Messenger has an impressive 47% penetration, and Instagram has 27% for engagement.

Social media has influencers, from self-made social stars, bloggers and celebrities. Powerful retail brands often commission influencers to amplify their marketing messages.

There are great things we can attribute to social media, such as providing a people with a voice who may otherwise not be heard. It also provides users the ability to share their discontent so it’s vital that your business has a strategy to deal with negative press.

Social media is an effective part of communications strategy

As a social media consultant based in Lancashire I understand that social media marketing integrated part of a marketing communications strategy. I have the social media expertise to manage your public relations online, delivering high quality and appropriate content to particular social media platforms.

I can help you to implement an effective social media strategy by identifying high value opportunities and with my associates post status updates, posts, tweets and blog posts on your behalf. In addition to that I can manage and content marketing approaches and social media advertising campaign.

As an enthusiastic digital-savvy marketer and strategists, I’m on hand to help you manage your social media message to get the best possible value from the social web.

So, if you are looking for a social media consultant to help implement and manage your social media, and your business is located in the following Lancashire areas: Blackpool, Blackburn, Burnley, Chorley, Lancaster, Ormskirk and Preston.
Please call: +44 (0)7966 396 306 or email: simon@marketingconsultantlancashire.co.uk

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